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Interested in having an author speak at your event?

Our authors can deliver the WOW you’re looking for. They’ll work with you to develop the best presentation topics and format for your event. They’re masters at presenting their materials, and deliver inspiring keynote presentations at all types of events, including Corporate Gatherings and Celebrations, Association Conferences, Sales Meetings, Industry Conferences, and Executive Retreats. In addition, they can deliver in person or remotely via telecasted webinars.

To request an Author for your next speaking engagement, please submit your request using our contact form. Include the following information:

  1. The Author you’re interested in having speak.
  2. Information about your event – date, time, location, topic, etc.
  3. Indicate if the author is to attend in person or online.
  4. A contact number to reach you directly.

We will contact you to handle the additional information and scheduling.