How to Order

Ordering our books is easy! All of our titles are available through Amazon in Printed and EBook formats. They are also available at special rates in bundles (Print and EBook together).

Happy Raving Customers, Carol Buehrens
Customer Experience Program Workbook, Carol Buehrens
Women in Leadership Program Workbook, Carol Buehrens and Dr. Sarit Levy

Corporations and Organizations

Our books can be ordered in bulk quantities for distribution to your employees, when used in corporate development, training sessions, and during Author presentations. Special editions, including personalized covers, excerpts of existing books, and corporate imprints, can be created in quantity in certain circumstances. For more information, ask for Specialty Markets using our Contact Us Form.

Booksellers, Bookstores, and Tradeshows

Please contact us so that we can understand your need and direct you to the best distribution opportunity.